Your approach to your own company’s security decides your success

A lot of talk is going on nowadays about success.

Well, I am here to tell you that the first step is how you handle your own company’s online existence.

We all need more revenue, more customers and eventually success.

What does it say about your company if your hello to the world is an unsecured web address?

It shows that you haven’t done your homework and that you don’t really care about the visitors to your front door.

Imagine trying to find a plumber, you arrive at their shop only to see a sign that says dentist.
Do yourself a favor and put security first!
Anyone who comes across your company online and sees that it is secure, will happily seek your business.

I will keep writing and stressing this point, until you understand how important online security is!

Author: Mariella Stockmal

Dynamic results driven, Management and Consulting for: Business Risks, Operational Risks, and Fraud Protection

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