How To Improve Your Communications

We all strive for success.
I have seen a lot of established brands and companies, fail with their communication strategy.

Let’s say you are a property management company.
You just started upgrading an apartment complex and you need your tenants to know what you are doing.

NEVER send a generic email to tell them to move their vehicles, unless you give them an exact timeframe.

Respect your customers, because they are the key to your success.

Clear communication is absolutely a MUST, because you will avoid minsunderstandings.
Never forget how much time and effort you invested in your brand to succeed.
BUT: NEVER take your success and customers for granted.
Keep the respect and the communications channels open at all times.
It will do wonders to your brand, and establish you as a household name.

Know Your Business When Creating Positions

Be very careful when you create a new position for your company!
I see a lot of companies having trouble finding who they want for their teams.
This is on you.
HR and Leadership MUST know the specifics of each position and their business inside and out.
When you are trying to find a Risk analyst, or Fraud prevention team member:
You cannot ask for data analysis, prevention AND SQL.
Your IT department has to work WITH this person and fix your back end according to suggestions.
The Fraud/ Risk professional is doing all they can to prevent, examine, mitigate and reply.
They cannot also do the back end work.
When you upload an open position, be VERY specific.
Adding too many responsibilities to one position will only complicate the work flow, the effectiveness and the results.

NEVER assume you know everything.
Be the leaders you portray in your Company’s websites, and Social Media pages.

The better you divide responsibilities, the faster your company will grow, be protected and see results.

Sales & Marketing is not Everything

I have to say this!
Every company that has online transactions and sales, should NEVER be comfortable just selling and marketing.

You have revenue. This is great news!
BUT: Is your revenue safe?
I have worked with companies in the past, who saw a 17% loss in revenue from fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and claims.

It is a MUST to have a dedicated team member securing your transactions.
An in house team will cost you less in overhead.
Because all the outside sources dealing with chargebacks only will cost you whether they win a case for you or if you lose it.
Be VERY clear on your website about your refund policies.
Learn how to apply fraud filters.
Learn how to block specific buyers and email handles.
PROTECT YOUR hard earned revenue!