Risks of Keyless Door Locks

I had to share this article, because it resonates.

When your property management company has nobody on a live phone line and you get locked out, it becomes a VERY serious issue!

Are Keyless Door Locks a Good Idea?
Written by C.E. Larusso

While they offer a tech-forward solution to a classic device, keyless locks don’t necessarily mean you won’t get locked out, or that you’ve fully safe-guarded your home

If you’ve left your keys at work one too many times or you are tired of opening the front door late at night for a forgetful teenager, you might be considering a keyless door lock system for your home. On the other hand, that Bluetooth device that never connects and the latest major data breach have you wondering if you can trust contemporary digital technology to keep your home safe. Read through our pros and cons of keyless door locks to ensure you make an informed purchase before you toss away your set of spare keys.

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Author: Mariella Stockmal

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