OWWLL the new must have!

Owwll you will ask?

Let me explain.

So proud to be one of the first members of the upcoming Owwll platform.
Jason R Hill, the creator of Owwll, is simply amazing! This platform will explode! I am sure of it.
I began using the BETA platform and before you know, I was connecting with some amazing experts! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Owwll and highly recommend it if you want to earn extra residual income by using your expert knowledge, on any topic, to help others while being paid.

We are all tired of constant video calls and meetings.
Would you like a different approach?
Just make and accept calls. Just calls! YES!
Would you like to be able to learn from experts and also share your knowledge with prospective clients?
Make new valuable connections?
My answer was YES immediately!

Not only have I met a ton of great professionals, but the Owwll App will give you the ability to make some money!

Follow the instructions here and let’s connect and make this a great professional tool for connecting, Learning, growing and teaching!


Signing up is simple and takes about 5 minutes, you set your rates for a 10 minute / 20 minute call and a rate for additional 5 minutes added by callers. The caller prepays your rate and they already know what the rate is up front before calling.
The platform is close to launch and now is the time to gain 5 star ratings and trust during the BETA!
Each person is interviewed before being allowed on the platform!
PLEASE USE REFERRAL CODE #: MS779639 when signing up.
Explainer Video:
iPhone Version:
Android Version:
Be kind, professional and respectful. You can share your knowledge, or you can learn from pioneers and become a successful entrepreneur, business entity, leader, and so much more!


Author: Mariella Stockmal

Dynamic results driven, Management and Consulting for: Business Risks, Operational Risks, and Fraud Protection

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