How you brand your services

Do you market yourself as a Cybersecurity Risk expert?

If yes, STICK TO EVERY POSSIBLE DETAIL of your presence.
Make sure you are up to date with EVERYTHING risky and outdated!
This will show prospective clients, that you actually know what you are talking about!

When I see ANYONE use www. in front of their website, I avoid visiting it at all costs.
Google Chrome will show the site as NOT SECURE!
Most people know that the the outdated url prefix is not needed by body of the url itself!
The prefix “www” was never mandatory, but it traditionally served as the chosen name for hosts.
The reason we stopped using “www” before our URLs is simply because it’s not needed. Most people are only trying to view the HTML version of a website.
If you have a large website or anticipate your website to grow, you should opt for a www domain.
Does it matter for SEO? In short, (directly) no. From an SEO perspective it doesn’t make a difference whether you use WWW or not in front of your domain name. What’s important is that you have a preferred version and redirect all others to that one.

And last but VERY IMPORTANT!
One of the main benefits of HTTPS is that it adds security and trust. It protects users against man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks that can be launched from compromised or insecure networks. Hackers can use such techniques to steal your customer’s sensitive information.
HTTPS is valuable because it protects all communication and customer information. HTTPS also works to legitimize any site that uses it because businesses that use HTTPS can be verified.

Author: Mariella Stockmal

Dynamic results driven, Management and Consulting for: Business Risks, Operational Risks, and Fraud Protection

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