How to Get More Subscriptions For Your Product

By Hannah Juley

Subscription billing is an increasingly popular option for customers and businesses alike. Your customers are happy to have the convenience, security, and dependability of subscription billing. And you love having a reliable source of revenue to fund your company’s growth. Unfortunately, you’re not seeing the numbers that you know your product should have— how do you grow your subscriber list?

The App Store has long been the go-to for businesses to gain exposure for their apps or software products. This method is useful, but it’s certainly not the only method available. (It’s also not necessarily the best method for your business’s bottom line.) There are various other options for companies that prefer to work beyond the standard practice of putting your product in the App Store and waiting for the customers to pour in. Remember, there are thousands and thousands of products available in the App Store, and many of your competitors are taking the same steps that you’re utilizing to engage customers.

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Author: Mariella Stockmal

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