How to Dramatically Fail on LinkedIn


A friend from New Mexico was telling us all about a baffling interaction she had on LinkedIn.

Now, before we tell this story, we want to point out that this is a perfect example of what NOT to do on LinkedIn.

She accepted a connection request from someone from across the world who she didn’t know, but his tagline sounded vaguely important and helpful: sometimes when you are evaluating a new contact you make a snap decision based on how they describe themselves.

But once she connected, one of the first questions he asked was “RU Miret?”

“What in the world did he mean by that?” she wondered, and actually asked what he meant. She assumed he meant to ask “Are you married?” and her suspicions were confirmed when he started to share photo after photo of himself posing in a leather jacket, on a boat, on a motorcycle and in front of a big building.

We don’t know if he even realized how ridiculous he was being. He literally lived on the opposite side of the planet. Does he have any idea how inconvenient it would be for our friend to date him?

And then there is the natural paranoia that comes when someone from far away is trying to flirt online. She wondered, “What does he want from me? Money? Marriage? A Visa?”

It was a big NOPE for her. She blocked him right away.


Author: Mariella Stockmal

Dynamic results driven, Management and Consulting for: Business Risks, Operational Risks, and Fraud Protection

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