Embrace Change and Keep Learning!

Today, I will use an example that actually took place.

A new company that is trying to establish itself, has a team member who is not getting paid, but advises, helps and tries to teach some basics.

Total apathy from the company. Zoom meeting takes place, and they pretty much “tell” this person what NOT to do, how to change their title, because it doesn’t adhere with the company’s roster.

The “helper” establishes company pages on major Social Media. Starts publishing small articles pertaining to what the company does.
NOBODY from this company shares the content, or invites their social media circles to like and follow the newly created pages.
Oh but get this: They complain that there is no engagement.

If you are a company owner and REALLY want to succeed, you have to be open to learning the ropes. You have to understand the role that Social Media plays for your Company.
Sending typed letters and post cards will not help you. Most people nowadays, just throw what they perceive as junk mail straight to the trash.
You hire savvy people for a reason!
Jump in the 21st century wagon and NEVER disrespect people who are hired for what they know.

Success = Willingness to adapt to new scenarios, Respect for those who might actually know more that you, and Kindness.
Yes be kind, courteous and respectful to people who give their all and especially free of charge.
Sticking to the 1970’s way of business and dismissing anything different, will definitely not bring you success.
Also demanding daily Social Media articles about what you “sell” when you don’t even have a product in your hands, is only inundating people’s emails and Social Media content. If you persist with this strategy, when the time comes to actually launch, people will see your logo and just move on because you have said too much without anything to back it up.


Author: Mariella Stockmal

Dynamic results driven, Management and Consulting for: Business Risks, Operational Risks, and Fraud Protection

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