This is the first time that I am really pissed off!

This has to STOP immediately!

  • California water officials on Friday said they are slashing State Water Project allocations from 15% to 5% for urban water consumers and farmers as the state grapples with a third consecutive year of drought.
  • Water agencies serving roughly 27 million people and 750,000 acres of farmland will receive less water than they requested for this year from state reservoirs.
  • The megadrought in the U.S. West has produced the driest two decades in the region in at least 1,200 years.

Time for property owners and managers to immediately STOP wasting water by watering every 5 minutes and then charging tenants and making money for water that they WASTE!

When will you understand that we need water to survive?
When will you stop taking our planet for granted?
Will you just say “Uh Oh we didn’t think we were using so much water” AFTER a bigger disaster hits all of us?


2022 My New Rules!

  1. I will NEVER allow anyone to take me or my services for granted!
  2. I will stop supporting those who never reciprocate with actions, and always hide between “I am busy”, “Let’s chat soon”, and never help back like I have helped them by sharing posts, mentioning them and always commenting.
  3. Emojis, thoughts and prayers will no longer cut it.
  4. Ghosting and unprofessional behavior will not be tolerated.
  5. Do not assume that you know me, or my history.
  6. I will help, guide, and support all those who have shown me the same respect I have shown them.
  7. I will be available to new connections and open to new collaborations.
  8. I will immediately block anyone who introduces themselves via sales pitches, or the dreaded “hello gorgeous”!
  9. I will keep pushing, helping and promoting all my professional friends who have proven themselves over and over again.
  10. And last but not least, my sanity will be on the top of my list this year! If my cup is full, I can help.


Risks of Keyless Door Locks

I had to share this article, because it resonates.

When your property management company has nobody on a live phone line and you get locked out, it becomes a VERY serious issue!

Are Keyless Door Locks a Good Idea?
Written by C.E. Larusso

While they offer a tech-forward solution to a classic device, keyless locks don’t necessarily mean you won’t get locked out, or that you’ve fully safe-guarded your home

If you’ve left your keys at work one too many times or you are tired of opening the front door late at night for a forgetful teenager, you might be considering a keyless door lock system for your home. On the other hand, that Bluetooth device that never connects and the latest major data breach have you wondering if you can trust contemporary digital technology to keep your home safe. Read through our pros and cons of keyless door locks to ensure you make an informed purchase before you toss away your set of spare keys.

Read the entire article here


I am really sad that so many of my connections get their Facebook accounts actually hacked!

These emails, if you don’t know what to look for, make you believe that your account was actually hacked.

The sender’s email address alone, is the indicator that an actual hacker is trying to make you fall in the trap.

NEVER EVER open these emails, reply to them or doo anything else.

Just report scam or phishing and DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!


Business Relationships And Behavior

So many people are telling me that they are having complaints, problems, and are unsure as how to smooth out their professional relationships.

The rule is: NEVER mix personal and professional. If you do business with a friend and have any issue at all, keep it on a professional level. DO NOT share with your friends and family. This is totally unprofessional and the start of your problems.

ALWAYS be open, talk it out, and respect what the other person has to offer. Business relationships of any kind have a start point and a finish point. When you close such a relationship, be very clear as to why you chose to do so, and part amicably. Some of my clients have followed my advice and are very thankful for it, because they have saved personal relationships and their professional integrity this way. It is a disaster when your friends draw their own conclusions, when in fact they are clueless about business or the specific relationship/contract that has ended.

One of the facts of small business owners is that they find someone they like on a personal level, and try to do business with them. They are so eager to solve all their problems at once that they usually don’t “hear” what the other party is offering. They just follow their wishful thinking, even though they are not clear about what they expect from a deal. The deal goes on and they discover midflight that the services offered are different than their expectations.

There are different approaches to solving that, and you be the judge of which is the correct way:

You sit down and talk, explain in detail your expectations as a client, and if both parties find out that this relationship does not benefit either party, you simply and professionally say goodbye. Chapter closed.

You are unsure of what your exact needs are, you are not satisfied with the services you receive, and you do not share your thoughts exactly, but decide to end this business relationship. You then proceed to talking to others, who in return have their own opinions and the professional who offers his/her services, starts being criticized to no fault of their own. Be very careful about toying with someone’s reputation and integrity.

You sever both personal and professional relationship because you mix personal and professional issues.

In a few words, business is business, and friendship is friendship. Do not make it personal. Do not treat other professionals in a way that you would hate to be treated. These are shark infested waters and guess what? Someone might actually seek legal action against you for slandering, especially if you are dealing with a bigger company.

Helping Others. That’s What Businesses Do

Business owners rarely step back and think that their business is there to help. Yes help!

EVERY business exists to help.
A lawyer helps with legal matters.
A clothing business provides clothes.
Food stores feed families.
Landlords provide housing, and so on.

Have you ever stopped to think for even a moment how your business helps your clients and how you can make it better?
It’s not all about revenue.
Yes you need revenue to live and pay your employees.
But the better services/products you provide, the better your business will be for it.

We work so much focused on making money that we forget we are part of an amazing chain. We are all intertwined and connected.
You created your business out of passion. Keep the passion going to the right direction and you will never fail!



Respect Your Customers!

Why do companies assume that their customers know how to use technology?

I will refer to one specific industry, Property Management and their software usage.

They completely disregard tenants 75 or older, who are still alive and kicking, pay their rent and want some respect.
They make all tenants use online portals without any thought in their process.
Do yourselves a favor and:

  1. ALWAYS email your tenants with extra bills.
  2. NEVER assume that a tenant who has successfully created a monthly automatic rent payment will think to login to their portal for no reason.
  3. When you charge your tenants for utilities, make sure you alert them so that you can get your payments and they will never feel like they owe money they don’t know about.
  4. Educate older tenants! Or at least show the respect and accept check payments.

You cannot be ONLY about revenue and totally disregard your tenants.
Guess what? Without your tenants your business wouldn’t exist in the first place.

STOP BEING GREEDY and see only dollar signs!


The ugly truth about ageism: it’s a prejudice targeting our future selves

Ageism, also spelled agism, is stereotyping and/or discrimination against individuals or groups on the basis of their age.

This may be casual or systemic. The term was coined in 1969 by Robert Neil Butler to describe discrimination against seniors, and patterned on sexism and racism.

This has to stop! There are a TON of experienced people out there who need a paying job, who have the experience and who will help your organization succeed!
Try to look into your own future self. Would you like to be pushed in the corner by society just because of your age?

  • Distinction from other age-related bias.
  • Ageism in common parlance and age studies usually refers to negative discriminatory practices against old people, and people in their middle years.
  • Implicit ageism.
  • Government ageism.
  • Stereotyping.
  • Prejudice.
  • Digital ageism.
  • Visual ageism.
  • Employment.

The Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) forbids age discrimination against people who are age 40 or older.

An employment policy or practice that applies to everyone, regardless of age, can be illegal if it has a negative impact on applicants or employees age 40 or older and is not based on a reasonable factor other than age (RFOA).



By Chip Conley

By Tad Friend

Property Management Companies Listen!

Do you have what you need to become a successful property management company?

Strategy, accountability, qualifications, experience, vision, respect, innovation, expertise, services, and stellar communication with property owners and residents are key for your brand!

How are you making sure that your residents are getting value for the rent they pay you?

How are you making sure that you are immediately responsive 24/7?

How are you making sure that everything is cleaned on a weekly basis?
From laundry rooms, carports and pathways, to yards and overall property.

What if there is a resident in need at night?
What if lights go out?
What if there is an emergency?

Refusing to have an onsite responsible resident you just hinder your overall success, because you look like you don’t care.

It’s not only about making money.
It’s about making sure that you have long term happy and satisfied residents.

Never decide on building updates and work, unless you have established a complete and detailed schedule which YOU MUST share in writing with your residents BEFORE the work begins.

NEVER assume that because you own and manage a building your work is done.
You are obliged to be a communicator, to respect your residents and owners, and to make sure that you know what you are doing.

ALWAYS be open to advice, to innovations and to learning the ropes.
Behaving like you know everything and not communicating immediately with grace and respect, you are just another money focused company.

LISTEN to the reviews online! When your scores are negative, you are doing something wrong.

Become a pioneer by implementing all of the above!

How To Improve Your Communications

We all strive for success.
I have seen a lot of established brands and companies, fail with their communication strategy.

Let’s say you are a property management company.
You just started upgrading an apartment complex and you need your tenants to know what you are doing.

NEVER send a generic email to tell them to move their vehicles, unless you give them an exact timeframe.

Respect your customers, because they are the key to your success.

Clear communication is absolutely a MUST, because you will avoid minsunderstandings.
Never forget how much time and effort you invested in your brand to succeed.
BUT: NEVER take your success and customers for granted.
Keep the respect and the communications channels open at all times.
It will do wonders to your brand, and establish you as a household name.

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