Are you ready for the end of the year?

My clients complain about stress, loads of work to do, so little time.
Especially this year that the face of doing business has changed a lot.

We all face a ton of challenges. But if you know how to run your business efficiently and effectively, you have no reason to be in a state of stress, unless it is the first year of running your business.
You MUST know the highs and lows of your business, the busiest times, your inventory needs (if you are selling something), your staffing needs etc.
If you are selling any type of goods that tends to sell more during the Holidays, you absolutely MUST have a comparison chart to know which item sold more and when. You should expect orders to pick up starting September. Don’t wait until the end of August to start thinking about inventory needs. Besides, if you do place orders in the summer, your suppliers will thank you and will not be overwhelmed when everybody else is ordering all at once.

If you are offering services, don’t wait for October to start thinking about special offers to drive more business to your Company.

Black Friday, should be planned and thought out well in advance. If you want a piece of this huge pie, you better deliver to all social media pages, to your website, well in advance, with constant reminders that you’re there, that you have a great offer just for the Holidays etc.

I assume that you have at least Quicken if not QuickBooks running your business. A daily task, to keep your records straight is an absolute MUST. You can create invoices for your services and/or products, you can do your payroll, and keep up with your Banks, expenses, income etc.
You also MUST have a physical filing system with all your files corresponding to your QuickBooks categories. If you do this daily, there is no reason whatsoever that you will not be ready for your CPA by January. No more extensions, no more chaos, no more being disgruntled.

A little organization goes a long way. Do not rely on others to do your work for you. Do not leave something for tomorrow if you can finish it today. If you are organized, love your Company, and have some passion, all is possible.

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Thanksgiving, can be a magical time, filled with tons of productive work, new customers, old but happy customers and joy to spread around. Do not be grumpy, do not let negativity enter this period. We all need a healthy economy. Let’s do our part and turn this around.

Author: Mariella Stockmal

Dynamic results driven, Management and Consulting for: Business Risks, Operational Risks, and Fraud Protection

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