My story and frustrations

I decided to share my personal career journey in an article.
Because it might resonate with fellow professionals and also help others realize that you are not alone.

I was born and raised in Greece, can communicate in 6 languages, and have had a very long and successful career.
I became a US citizen in 2004 and live in California.
My resume can be found here: RESUME

I have a very active LinkedIn presence, I had professionals build my resume and listened to advice as to what to write on my profile.
I lost my job in April 2021, as my landlord passed away, (I was the property manager for the apartment complex I live in, for 10 years) and his son sold the apartment complex.

I am VERY far from giving up, retiring, or losing hope.
I keep getting conflicting advice from similar professionals (job search help, resume writers, etc.)
“Why do you confuse people with Risk Management and Property Management”?

Well, Risk Management is EVERYWHERE! Especially in property management, as one has to deal with tenants, laws, payments, leases, credit checks, etc. If you are NOT proactive and take care of every possible scenario before a disaster occurs, then you are NOT doing your job!

I have applied to 83 jobs. YES, you read that correctly. 83 jobs.
From those, I got 32 interviews, they realized that I am not 25 anymore and vanished in to thin air.
Oh yes, ghosting from HR departments is a thing now too.
I have such a vast experience on so many levels, yet “younger” professionals think that if you are older, you have automatically become obsolete.

I will be happy to connect on LinkedIn with anyone who is following my blog.
Here’s my LinkedIn profile

And although disheartened by the fact that I am not employed, I AM NOT GIVING UP!
I strongly believe that not everyone is made to open and run their own business. I love teamwork, I love solving problems, I love being part of a bigger picture.
This is totally acceptable and ok.
So those of you who are in the same position as I am, don’t give up hope, don’t give up trying, and keep moving forward no matter what!!!


Property Management Marketing

Do you manage rental properties?

If yes, there is a big NO NO.
Most businesses rely on Social Media Marketing.
The sad part is, that those who create marketing content, do so without a second thought on what they are trying to convey.

SPELLING ERRORS are simply showing your prospective clients that you have no clue what you are doing.
GRAMMATICAL ERRORS are an equally important part of your marketing posts.

ALWAYS double check, spell check, read your post out loud to make sure what you are posting makes sense on every level.

You want to establish your brand. I get it.
But communication mistakes will bring you the opposite results.

Also know how often to post!
When you post at least three times per week, when you are consistent, you will eventually see results.

TEACH YOUR STAFF to like and share EVERY POST of your company’s page.
Because this way you expand your reach tenfold.
Also get in the habit of commenting on other posts, liking, asking questions.
NEVER think that because you just work on your own brand and page, you will get the recognition you desire to get new clients!!

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