Rethink your hiring mentality

Business Owners and CEO’s!
Are you open to change course and think a little differently?
Can you forget age for a moment when hiring?

Let’s change course here.
Have you ever thought that you could give an “older” candidate a break by hiring them as a paid mentor or consultant?
If you do that you will gain a LOT!

  1. It will save you the pre conceived high onboarding cost, as your candidate will not need insurance, 401K or anything.
  2. You will have a mentor who has been where you are now and can teach you a whole lot.
  3. Teach your HR people about every aspect of the department your are hiring for, or even better have the head of the hiring department do the interviews! They know exactly what they need and are looking for.
  4. “Older” seasoned professionals, are not looking to jump positions and change companies. They are ALWAYS loyal and here to stay and help.
  5. Put yourself in their shoes. How will you feel in a few years when you will be excluded from any opportunities due to your age? You will have the experience and knowledge, but no opportunity to help someone younger succeed like you are trying to do now.
  6. NEVER forget, that everything you have to work with today, was created, implemented and envisioned by those before you!
  7. How will it hurt your company if you listen to a seasoned professional and maybe learn a thing or two that you hadn’t thought about until now?
  8. Not one “older” professional is coming to replace you or anyone in your company. They are there to help you succeed!

So sit back and think!
Less overhead, more experience, more knowledge, and only gains for your company!

Have you thought about all the possible risks and scenarios?
Have you thought about missing factors?

OPEN your mind and give it a try!
You will be amazed!


How to ruin your business

A historic Santa Barbara music store that offers Rentals, Repairs, Band & Orchestral Instruments, Accessories, and In-Store Lessons, was recently sold to a new owner.

The company has multiple stores throughout California, and a savvy business professional would assume that the new owners knew what they were doing.

As a risk professional, I will explain what they are doing wrong, in the hopes that they are open minded enough to see their mistakes, learn from them and fix them.

1. The business has moved to a new building nearby.
Their Facebook page, still has the old store’s picture as a header. A lot of people go by, see that there is no store anymore and leave. Anyone ever think to at least update the Social Media pictures? Or add a sign ON the old business door directing customers to the new building?

2. It’s been more than 8 months now, and they still do not honor and name their music teachers. They posted recently about their “newest” guitar teacher, and have totally disrespected veteran teachers who have been teaching for this company for decades.

3. Their website does not even include all the instruments being taught.
It doesn’t take a genius to update a website that manages 6 stores! You are not the owners of thousands of stores! It’s not rocket science.

4. Once you have a plan, you should leave room for adjustments along the way. You’ll likely learn new information or find out what tactics work better than others. So don’t just stick with something based on some ideology that you think is working. It’s NOT!

5. Let each store work as one entity. You can’t have parents call for music lessons, only to talk to someone 70 miles away who has absolutely no idea what, where and how Santa Barbara is and works.

6. You can’t micromanage. You will end up losing your business.

7. Your worst failure, is when a customer enters your store, being used to royalty treatment, and come out saying: “UGH I will NEVER go to that store again!”

8. Respect the previous owner’s legacy! It’s not by chance that he created such a success.

And last but not least, RESPECT those who work for you. You DON’T know it all, and neither are you allowed to behave like you do!


5 Key Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses

Author: Paul Adamson

The average cost of a cyberattack on a business is almost four million dollars. That’s enough to put most small and medium companies out of business.

As business becomes an increasingly online affair, the number of bad actors trying to break down your digital defenses only grows. But many small businesses aren’t sure exactly how to keep themselves protected.

If you’re looking for cybersecurity tips, read on. We’ve got five key pieces of advice to help your business stay safe online.

Read the entire article HERE

How you brand your services

Do you market yourself as a Cybersecurity Risk expert?

If yes, STICK TO EVERY POSSIBLE DETAIL of your presence.
Make sure you are up to date with EVERYTHING risky and outdated!
This will show prospective clients, that you actually know what you are talking about!

When I see ANYONE use www. in front of their website, I avoid visiting it at all costs.
Google Chrome will show the site as NOT SECURE!
Most people know that the the outdated url prefix is not needed by body of the url itself!
The prefix “www” was never mandatory, but it traditionally served as the chosen name for hosts.
The reason we stopped using “www” before our URLs is simply because it’s not needed. Most people are only trying to view the HTML version of a website.
If you have a large website or anticipate your website to grow, you should opt for a www domain.
Does it matter for SEO? In short, (directly) no. From an SEO perspective it doesn’t make a difference whether you use WWW or not in front of your domain name. What’s important is that you have a preferred version and redirect all others to that one.

And last but VERY IMPORTANT!
One of the main benefits of HTTPS is that it adds security and trust. It protects users against man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks that can be launched from compromised or insecure networks. Hackers can use such techniques to steal your customer’s sensitive information.
HTTPS is valuable because it protects all communication and customer information. HTTPS also works to legitimize any site that uses it because businesses that use HTTPS can be verified.

How to Dramatically Fail on LinkedIn


A friend from New Mexico was telling us all about a baffling interaction she had on LinkedIn.

Now, before we tell this story, we want to point out that this is a perfect example of what NOT to do on LinkedIn.

She accepted a connection request from someone from across the world who she didn’t know, but his tagline sounded vaguely important and helpful: sometimes when you are evaluating a new contact you make a snap decision based on how they describe themselves.

But once she connected, one of the first questions he asked was “RU Miret?”

“What in the world did he mean by that?” she wondered, and actually asked what he meant. She assumed he meant to ask “Are you married?” and her suspicions were confirmed when he started to share photo after photo of himself posing in a leather jacket, on a boat, on a motorcycle and in front of a big building.

We don’t know if he even realized how ridiculous he was being. He literally lived on the opposite side of the planet. Does he have any idea how inconvenient it would be for our friend to date him?

And then there is the natural paranoia that comes when someone from far away is trying to flirt online. She wondered, “What does he want from me? Money? Marriage? A Visa?”

It was a big NOPE for her. She blocked him right away.


Social Media and Your Business

Are you doing the same thing and expect a different outcome?
Are you open minded enough to actually learn what it takes to succeed on Social media and expand your brand?

Here are tips to teach you some basics that are an absolute MUST if you want your company/brand to gain traction and new clients!

Social media is not a game.
Connections are the key to long-term relationships and sales.
You MUST set aside dedicated time to serve and foster your community online, or you will never see growth.

Someone told you to start a blog on your website?
Share relevant information. Every prospective client wants to see that you know what you’re talking about, and are not just posting for the sake of posting!

Spend time daily engaging with people who leave questions or comments. Always thank followers for sharing pictures from your place of business. Look through local hashtags and leave well-meaning comments on Twitter, LinkedIn  and Instagram.

ALWAYS share to your personal and business pages on EVERY social media channel you are engaging with! ALL your employees and team MUST learn and adhere to this, and share EVERY SINGLE POST to their connections!

If you’re just posting for the sake of posting because that’s what you think you need to do, you’re never going to see results.
Social media algorithms favor consistency regarding both the number of posts you share per week and the type of content you share.

STOP posting kitties, flowers, positive messages only, and concentrate on what makes your business different, prove that you follow all the legal requirements, and NEVER turn your back on sharing legitimate articles that pertain to your business.




OWWLL the new must have!

Owwll you will ask?

Let me explain.

So proud to be one of the first members of the upcoming Owwll platform.
Jason R Hill, the creator of Owwll, is simply amazing! This platform will explode! I am sure of it.
I began using the BETA platform and before you know, I was connecting with some amazing experts! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Owwll and highly recommend it if you want to earn extra residual income by using your expert knowledge, on any topic, to help others while being paid.

We are all tired of constant video calls and meetings.
Would you like a different approach?
Just make and accept calls. Just calls! YES!
Would you like to be able to learn from experts and also share your knowledge with prospective clients?
Make new valuable connections?
My answer was YES immediately!

Not only have I met a ton of great professionals, but the Owwll App will give you the ability to make some money!

Follow the instructions here and let’s connect and make this a great professional tool for connecting, Learning, growing and teaching!


Signing up is simple and takes about 5 minutes, you set your rates for a 10 minute / 20 minute call and a rate for additional 5 minutes added by callers. The caller prepays your rate and they already know what the rate is up front before calling.
The platform is close to launch and now is the time to gain 5 star ratings and trust during the BETA!
Each person is interviewed before being allowed on the platform!
PLEASE USE REFERRAL CODE #: MS779639 when signing up.
Explainer Video:
iPhone Version:
Android Version:
Be kind, professional and respectful. You can share your knowledge, or you can learn from pioneers and become a successful entrepreneur, business entity, leader, and so much more!


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