Do you know HOW to write?

I cannot figure out why so called experts who keep emailing articles, cannot articulate, spell and write correctly.

Yeah, connecting with other coaches is not wrong.
Yeah, it’s not “write too”.


This “companies” policy.


We provide “permanant” solutions.


If you want to actually convince me or anyone for that matter that you ARE an expert professional who I should trust and hire, do yourself a favor and use grammar, spelling and editing!

There are a myriad coaches online nowadays. Everyone is trying to create a niche and profit from it.
I totally understand that we all need to make money to survive and thrive.
DO NOT write like you speak.
DO NOT publish, email or contact anyone, unless your message is correct, clear, professional and impeccable.

You want to brand yourself and your services.
Prove that.
It is not as easy as you think.
Try to create different material.
Publishing polls twice a day just to get traction is not the way to rise to the top.
Emailing how-to lists and using mundane titles that have been used a million times, will not help you either.

When I receive 20 emails daily with titles like:

Think things through.
Do your research.
What makes you different than anyone else in your field?
Why are you better?
What do you offer that’s really making a difference?

So take a step back, regroup and really listen to what people are saying and how they react.
It will only help your long term success!



Why is NOW the Best Time to Consider Franchise Exploration?

By Harris L. Gubin

As a franchise coach, this question has consistently topped the list of those I receive the most from clients. “Now” usually refers to a particular point in a client’s career or life – typically people in their 50s and 60s – either in transition or contemplating an exit strategy out of corporate for the next chapter in their life.

But since the pandemic started in 2020, the word “now” has taken on additional and significant meaning. The many uncertainties of COVID have frozen some people into inaction or “safe” moves, while others are ready to make bold changes in their lives.

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Risks of Keyless Door Locks

I had to share this article, because it resonates.

When your property management company has nobody on a live phone line and you get locked out, it becomes a VERY serious issue!

Are Keyless Door Locks a Good Idea?
Written by C.E. Larusso

While they offer a tech-forward solution to a classic device, keyless locks don’t necessarily mean you won’t get locked out, or that you’ve fully safe-guarded your home

If you’ve left your keys at work one too many times or you are tired of opening the front door late at night for a forgetful teenager, you might be considering a keyless door lock system for your home. On the other hand, that Bluetooth device that never connects and the latest major data breach have you wondering if you can trust contemporary digital technology to keep your home safe. Read through our pros and cons of keyless door locks to ensure you make an informed purchase before you toss away your set of spare keys.

Read the entire article here


I am really sad that so many of my connections get their Facebook accounts actually hacked!

These emails, if you don’t know what to look for, make you believe that your account was actually hacked.

The sender’s email address alone, is the indicator that an actual hacker is trying to make you fall in the trap.

NEVER EVER open these emails, reply to them or doo anything else.

Just report scam or phishing and DELETE DELETE DELETE!!!!


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