Technology The Elephant in the Room

There is a huge issue that NOBODY is addressing, and it’s really important.

Technology, Internet and Software.
Property management companies, Retailers, Banks, Utility companies and pretty much everyone accepting payments online.

Everyone assumes that everyone else knows the ins and outs of internet usage, thus making it very difficult for people to adapt.

I come across so many people who know how to use their email, maybe Facebook and that’s about it.
They have absolutely no idea about creating and signing PDF files, uploading them to platforms they need to, or how to make payments online.

They have no clue as to how to secure their devices, who to share their information with, or how to create automatic payments.

This is the time to take a step back and start addressing the elephant in the room!
Let’s give ALL our customers the courtesy of either helping them navigate our websites and what we ask of them, or allowing them to still mail us checks.
You will be amazed at what the percentage of “non knowers” is.
Leases to be signed, bills to be paid, online purchases, even replies to phishing emails.

This has to stop and we all have to stop assuming that everyone we cater to knows the how to.

It’s time to change our attitude and help include all those people who have no idea what they are doing.

We want sales and success? EDUCATE THE PUBLIC!!!!

Your approach to your own company’s security decides your success

A lot of talk is going on nowadays about success.

Well, I am here to tell you that the first step is how you handle your own company’s online existence.

We all need more revenue, more customers and eventually success.

What does it say about your company if your hello to the world is an unsecured web address?

It shows that you haven’t done your homework and that you don’t really care about the visitors to your front door.

Imagine trying to find a plumber, you arrive at their shop only to see a sign that says dentist.
Do yourself a favor and put security first!
Anyone who comes across your company online and sees that it is secure, will happily seek your business.

I will keep writing and stressing this point, until you understand how important online security is!

Skills of a Successful Risk Professional


The risk industry and the professionals within it have changed drastically over the last few decades.

Once, risk professionals simply purchased insurance to transfer losses onto another company. Now, they are expected to monitor the risk environment, identify and predict risks, and implement proactive strategies to prevent issues from occurring or minimize their impact when they do. Top-leadership positions based on risk management, such as Chief Risk Officer (CRO), are becoming increasingly common.

With this in mind, what skills and competencies are now necessary for a risk professional to be successful? Certainly a general knowledge of the insurance industry and financial risk will no longer suffice. In addition to an understanding of many topics and environmental factors, there are necessary personality traits, such as influential, flexible, and collaborative.


Will customers hire your Company? It depends

We all know by now about the cyber threats, about the cyber attackers and all the dangers involved.

If you own a Company with an online presence, you MUST secure it!

Nowadays, NOBODY will buy from you, or hire you for your services, if they land on your website and it is not secure!

SSL security is an absolute MUST these days, especially if you are a top professional.

Get on it and protect your company and your customers!


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