Data Privacy

Celebrate Data Privacy Day by making sure you’re following best practices to protect your data and your privacy. There’s no better time to review the security procedures that can protect you, your family and your business from unwanted intrusions.
Tips and reminders to help you keep your data private
1 Protect your personal information. Everything you do online, or on your mobile devices, or even via the Internet of Things exposes you to criminal actors and unwanted invasions of your privacy. Check out to find out ways you can make small changes that yield bigger protections.
2 Review the data your apps have access to. Delete unused apps and review privacy settings and permissions. Go into your device’s settings to review and change permissions you may not even have been aware certain apps had, like access to call logs, microphone and your location.
3 Tighten up Social Media permissions to avoid leaks. First, make sure you’ve turned off public sharing. Then, only accept friend requests from people you know and trust. Finally, review each network’s privacy policies and check the settings on your devices.
4 Control who can track you on the web. Surfing the web leaves you vulnerable to cyber attacks and identity theft. Start by getting into the habit of clearing your cache and deleting cookies daily, via your browser’s settings. Also don’t automatically accept “cookies.” Most reputable websites will offer you a “manage cookies” option where you can deselect options that invade your privacy.
5 Update Internet of Things (IoT) passwords. Many IoT devices, such as smart lights, voice-controlled smart speakers and home hubs, come with default passwords which leave you open to hacking and spying.



Shipments during a worldwide pandemic

We all agree that this pandemic has created a lot of difficulties.
A ton of companies are struggling with shipments and deliveries, because they depend on shipping carriers to deliver their goods, and also manufacturers to ship on time.

I read a lot of complaints, and wanted to write this article to explain a few things.

Do you think that companies like the delays?
Do you think that startups knew that a global virus will pretty much decimate all their efforts?
Do you think that companies don’t need and want to be successful and retain their revenue so that they can pay their employees who are struggling financially like so many of us?

So before you lash out at delivery delays and label any company a fraud, or a hoax, take a step back and think.
Put yourself in their shoes.
If you were the company’s owner trying to get answers from manufacturers and shipping companies, how would you react?
How would you save your company?

We have become consumer spoiled brats and expect instant gratification 100% of the time, without realizing what this means to those who try to serve our needs and purchases, especially during a global catastrophe.

So please be courteous, be patient and flexible.
NONE of our purchases (except for medication, food and life saving devices) are a life or death matter.

Show some respect, kindness and understanding.
Consider yourselves lucky not to walk in those business owners shoes!

New Hires and Payment

With the entire business structure changing around us, there are a few tips and risks.
If you are starting a business:
Do not rent a space yet. Keep your overhead as low as possible.
You will need help to establish your business and it is much better to have some money to pay those you need to hire, rather than paying for office space.
Times are changing. Having an office does not make you successful. Your team does!

If you are an existing business but are struggling, you have a dilemma:
Do you need a space? If yes, you will have to adjust your operations to survive.
If no, then move out. It will save you major operational costs, and might save some of your employees.

If you need help:
DO NOT hire anyone who is in dire need of income free of charge with a promise of a salary “when things get better”.
Millions of people are struggling for income so that they can eat and pay their rents and so much more.
It is an insult and unprofessional if you tell someone to work for you without pay.
Even if your intentions are the best, a promise for future payment does not ensure anyone’s survival during these very hard times.

Modernize, adjust, cut unnecessary costs and always do the best, while being 100% professional and respectful to those you need to hire.


Risks when you don’t use Social Media for your Business

Business has changed. Social media is here to solidify your brand, your business and the services you provide.

When posting on any Social Media Site, you have a date and time stamp.
You can prove that a service was offered on time, or that a sale was done, and so much more.
Using Social media for your business has a ton of advantages, one of which is avoiding false complaints or legal threats by anyone.
Use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram and you will see how their tools provide security and proof of your actions toward your customers.
You can choose to use one or all.

So get on with the times, establish your brand and keep posting.

You can thank your teams later, after you realize how much good social media can do to your business.

Don’t be a dinosaur!
Be open to learning, join webinars and understand how important social media is to your business, no matter what kind of business you run.

Are you still stuck in manual operations?

When I see that so many older companies are stuck with their operational procedures, I get sad.
You are wasting man hours for stuff that can and should be automated.
Even your entire filing system can be in electronic files that are saved on an external drive, and printed as needed.
When you have to pay clients, do so via bill pay from your Bank.

You have to open up to change and embrace the help that technology provides.
Your company will be so much more efficient, and your employees will thank you.

You can sign any contract electronically, save it and share it with your clients.
You can accept electronic payments.
You can create reports, save them and share them with your clients or teams electronically.
Absolutely no need to waste man hours, paper, and storage spaces for stuff that can be easily saved electronically by year, and then have subfolders by account, client, employee, and so on.

No matter if you are selling, offering services, or managing properties.
There is absolutely no excuse anymore to waste your time and your team’s and navigate through complicated bookkeeping and file keeping in hard copy format.
Even the IRS accepts electronic payments, and so do your state’s property tax officials.

Start the New Year with open minds and make the leap to the next step.
You might find it difficult to learn or get up to speed, but as soon as you do, you will be very thankful.
You will eliminate the risk of file loss from fires, floods, misplacement, break ins and will save a lot on printing costs.


Career and job choices

Happy New Year everyone!

I know how many of us need  income.

BUT, we need to avoid certain risks, and these are:

1. Never accept a position unless it’s 100% in the path of your knowledge and experience.

2. It’s ok to be honest and decline a position, no matter how much you like the job, or admire the business owner.

3. Always be truthful about what you know and what you can do.

4. Do not misrepresent your expertise on Social Media sites like LinkedIn. What prospective employers see, must reflect exactly who you are and what you can offer.

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