NOTHING personal at work

While teaching in Europe some years ago, I was asked a very interesting question:
“How do you act or re-act when you feel threatened or unhappy at work?”

There is not one simple reply to this. When you do have work, you have an income. First of all be thankful for that. Times are really tough and making emotional changes to spite your old job is not to your benefit.
Things change fast in our career paths. Businesses change hands, situations arise that are beyond our control. Instead of feeling bitter about it and showing it with lack of enthusiasm, or even by feeling sorry for yourself, adapt. Life throws us curve balls all the time. At the same time, life is too short and too valuable.
Take a breath, take a step back and focus on your needs. There is NOTHING personal in any work environment. You don’t have to “like” everyone at work, you don’t have to be friends with everyone. Do your job, do it right, don’t complain, because you drag a dark cloud in your psyche and guess what? All you attract is negative energy, and of course failure.
Be polite, partake in functions, even open your home for co-workers and colleagues. Knowing how to behave like someone who has self respect and control, is everything you need. Kindness toward your team goes a long way.

Social Media Risks

When you call yourself an Executive of any organization, know that you represent this organization 24/7 and on every platform that you use.

You are the admin of a business page on Facebook.
Basic knowledge: Your personal profile is connected to this business page.
Do yourself a favor and NEVER repost, share, or simply post stuff that has been proven to be hoaxes.
You put your profile and every connection and business you are related to in danger.

You can’t just “like” a post by a business page you work with.
Educate yourself!
Invite ALL your connections to like the page you represent!
SHARE every post of the business page to your timeline.
Add comments!

This goes for Facebook, LinkedIn AND Twitter!

IF you call yourself a professional, act and behave accordingly!
No matter your title, do NOT be uppity, ALWAYS be open to learning, keep researching and respect the Organization you represent!


Risks for Freelancers

There are a few tips for Freelancers who need to make an income.
I recently interacted with a freelancer who creates logos.
I sent my requirements, and a picture as an example.

Two minutes later, I receive the “logo” which was simply my business name plastered on top of the picture I had sent.
I could have done this myself for free.
So I gave the freelancer a few tips, and instead of thanking me and understanding, he tried to spar with me and tell me that I am wrong.

Well, guess what? He lost a client.
All you need to do as a freelancer is check out who your client is.
Visit their website.
Learn about their business.
ASK questions. A lot of questions, so that you come across as a top professional who actually cares about their customers, and also make you customer feel special.
Remember: Without your customers, you don’t exist and you don’t make money.
Simple. RESPECT those who want to pay you for your services.

Sales & Marketing is not Everything

I have to say this!
Every company that has online transactions and sales, should NEVER be comfortable just selling and marketing.

You have revenue. This is great news!
BUT: Is your revenue safe?
I have worked with companies in the past, who saw a 17% loss in revenue from fraudulent transactions, chargebacks and claims.

It is a MUST to have a dedicated team member securing your transactions.
An in house team will cost you less in overhead.
Because all the outside sources dealing with chargebacks only will cost you whether they win a case for you or if you lose it.
Be VERY clear on your website about your refund policies.
Learn how to apply fraud filters.
Learn how to block specific buyers and email handles.
PROTECT YOUR hard earned revenue!

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