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Holidays are right around the corner! Make sure you have EVERY aspect of your website’s back-end ready, all fraud filters in place, and all of your sales channels and staff informed and updated.

Know which email handles to automatically reject, know which countries to block, know where and how you ship.

Make sure your return and refund policies are up front and center on your website BEFORE the customer clicks your purchase button. Buyers do not read after they purchase. We live in the era of instant gratification!

If you are unsure about any of the above information, contact me and I will set you up.

Counter Punch Ageism and Get Hired

by Ira Bowman | Oct 19, 2020 | 

The One-Two Counter Punch to Ageism Hiring Discrimination

Far too many companies have an unwritten set of hiring rules, guidelines and practices they follow.  There are few who come out and openly admit it, however many that have unofficial biases that are easy to identify when you look at the demographics of who they interview for positions.

I believe companies should be ashamed of this discriminatory hiring bias, which is illegal in the United States.  How do companies get away with it?  The unwritten rules in the Human Resources world are commonly practiced and the department of justice has for whatever reason, not pursued it on any major scale.

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2 Types of ECommerce Fraud

Author: Paul Adamson

When COVID-19 hit, the world shut down. From businesses to schools to shopping centers, internet activity grew more than ever before. Through Zoom, Skype and online shopping platforms, people were staying safe, staying home and staying active online to maintain a sense of normalcy in their lives. However, with more people online, there are more chances for merchant credit card fraud that can leave a consumer or business confused, frustrated and scared because someone could have access to their finances and other personal information. In today’s day and age, staying up to date on merchant fraud protection resources is essential for peace of mind. Here are two common types of ecommerce fraud and how you can stay protected.

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