Embrace Change and Keep Learning!

Today, I will use an example that actually took place.

A new company that is trying to establish itself, has a team member who is not getting paid, but advises, helps and tries to teach some basics.

Total apathy from the company. Zoom meeting takes place, and they pretty much “tell” this person what NOT to do, how to change their title, because it doesn’t adhere with the company’s roster.

The “helper” establishes company pages on major Social Media. Starts publishing small articles pertaining to what the company does.
NOBODY from this company shares the content, or invites their social media circles to like and follow the newly created pages.
Oh but get this: They complain that there is no engagement.

If you are a company owner and REALLY want to succeed, you have to be open to learning the ropes. You have to understand the role that Social Media plays for your Company.
Sending typed letters and post cards will not help you. Most people nowadays, just throw what they perceive as junk mail straight to the trash.
You hire savvy people for a reason!
Jump in the 21st century wagon and NEVER disrespect people who are hired for what they know.

Success = Willingness to adapt to new scenarios, Respect for those who might actually know more that you, and Kindness.
Yes be kind, courteous and respectful to people who give their all and especially free of charge.
Sticking to the 1970’s way of business and dismissing anything different, will definitely not bring you success.
Also demanding daily Social Media articles about what you “sell” when you don’t even have a product in your hands, is only inundating people’s emails and Social Media content. If you persist with this strategy, when the time comes to actually launch, people will see your logo and just move on because you have said too much without anything to back it up.


How to Get More Subscriptions For Your Product

By Hannah Juley

Subscription billing is an increasingly popular option for customers and businesses alike. Your customers are happy to have the convenience, security, and dependability of subscription billing. And you love having a reliable source of revenue to fund your company’s growth. Unfortunately, you’re not seeing the numbers that you know your product should have— how do you grow your subscriber list?

The App Store has long been the go-to for businesses to gain exposure for their apps or software products. This method is useful, but it’s certainly not the only method available. (It’s also not necessarily the best method for your business’s bottom line.) There are various other options for companies that prefer to work beyond the standard practice of putting your product in the App Store and waiting for the customers to pour in. Remember, there are thousands and thousands of products available in the App Store, and many of your competitors are taking the same steps that you’re utilizing to engage customers.

Read the entire article HERE

Time Management

The days go by like a whirlwind. Evening comes and your head is spinning.
A simple way to manage your time efficiently is to create an action calendar.

Simply create an excel sheet with the 7 days of the week, then add all the hours of the day from the moment you wake up.

For starters, give yourself 20
minutes to shower and get dressed.

30 minutes to eat breakfast (NEVER SKIP THIS MEAL), it will give you energy for the entire day.
10 to 15 minutes to make your bed.
Here starts your actual day. Switch your phone on after you’re done.

Look at your meetings or chores and errands for the day. This is very doable if you stick to it. While meeting with a customer for instance, forget that you even own a phone. It can wait. Distractions like that only frazzle you and create unnecessary stress. There is nothing that cannot be handled 15 minutes or half an hour later.
Pick a specific time of day to listen to your messages and answer your emails.
Pick a specific day of each week to do grocery shopping, drive by your
dry cleaners and clean your house.
Don’t arrange to do everything at once. Each day can handle one domestic errand, plus your work, or routine.

It took me years to realize that one can’t do everything in one day. We have made ourselves work so hard that we lose control of time. If we lose our drive and energy due to stress and disorganization, then we don’t live life. We simply go through the motions like a robot and we don’t succeed, simply because we try to tackle every possible task and fir it in 24 hours.
Make sure that you sleep 7-8 hours every night. Try to switch off phones, televisions and computers before you go to bed. Give yourself some time to wind down, relax and take any electronic device away from your bedroom. Such frequencies only overload your already tired brain and this is the time that all the thoughts come rushing in, when you should dedicate the time to re-energize your body, spirit and brain to be able to do it all again the next day.
Put this strategy to the test for at least a month and finally it will come natural to you, you will begin each day energized, organized and at the end of each day you will feel that you have actually accomplished what you needed to.

What I Have Learned From my Mistakes

When we make mistakes, or rather while we are making them, often we don’t realize that they are mistakes. My excuse was always, “Oh, I’ll find a way around this,” or “Just this one time.”

I found out though that the more slack I gave myself, the more I repeated the behaviors, and then I beat myself up for not learning from my mistakes.

It is a big thing for me personally to be able to say that I have learned from my mistakes. It took time, effort, and a lot of tears.

Here is my personal list of lessons learned. I have a copy on my fridge so I never forget.

  1. Be honest about what you need and what you think you need.
  2. Ignorance is not bliss. Not knowing where you stand financially, can ruin you.
  3. Don’t buy unless you pay off your debts. No shoes, clothes, jewelry, spas, lattes.
  4. Stay on top of your bills every month. Pick a date and go through your bank accounts, bills, and payments.
  5. Run your home like you are the CEO of a huge corporation.
  6. Don’t “invest” in get-rich-quick schemes. You will only wind up spending more money. When something sounds too good to be true, then it probably is just that: Too good to be true.
  7. Be happy with every small victory. Every payment that you make toward your debt brings you closer to freedom.
  8. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. You are not alone in this journey.
  9. Don’t be ashamed of your situation. MOST of us have been exactly where you are at some point in our lives.
  10. And last but not least, SMILE. Life is going by too fast. Smile; you’re doing the right thing. Every small step is a step closer toward achieving your goals.


The Takers

How many of you relate to this?

I am talking about the “takers”.

The ones who are in love with your support, keep asking you to participate on their posts, pages, and social media actions.

They take your loyalty and participation for granted. What happens when you ask them to reciprocate?

Absolutely NOTHING!

They don’t care, as long as their goals are met.

So let’s change the narrative:

Keep supporting them. It’s ok.

Don’t feel disappointed by the lack of support.

Don’t expect help by anyone.

Don’t give up.

Keep pushing, keep working, keep the dream alive!

And never forget to thank those who do support you!

After all when we give, we somehow always receive, whether in kind, or in support from sources we didn’t even expect!

Good luck and keep following your dreams! Don’t let the “takers” take your courage, grit and passion away.

When Money is Tight

When money is tight, I hear from people all the time: “I need to find a job!”

Then I ask them what it is they are looking for. Most of my clients say that they really don’t care as long as they can bring home some much needed cash.

In reality, most of the people I know find excuses as to why a position when offered, is not for them. I call them the dreamers. Prayers, dreams, The Secret, and other very useful books, when read by people who do not know their true meaning and message are not helping. The reason is that a lot of people believe in instant miracles. Hopes, dreams, aspirations and prayers are a great and positive way to look at life, but do not pay your immediate bills and responsibilities.

This is the trap that some people fall for. They wait for things to happen to them. In order to succeed in life, of course you have to be positive, be in tune with your environment, visualize a great outcome; but you also need to be realistic and WORK to achieve your goals.

If you want to become the next famous Rock Star for example, you can easily pack grocery bags while you work on your dream. A daily dose of reality keeps you grounded and makes you stronger. Until you stand on your own two feet and take responsibly for your own life, you will never truly know how strong you are.

So take charge of your life, work hard to achieve your goals and let nothing get in your way. Be respectful, determined and positive. Always give back to those who are willing to help you, always ask to help your fellow human beings and never hold back.

Times are hard, strange, and finances are tough. Credit card debt, Banks that don’t give you the loan or break you need bills, mortgages, rents, car payments. Everyone would be thrilled to have their problems solved by the push of a button.

Hang in there, look in the mirror, make a daily reality check and ALWAYS be thankful for what you do have today.

Stand by your Promises

Everyone wants to land new customers. Right?

Well, you have to make sure that you are as good as what you advertise about yourself. I recently hired a new carpet cleaning company, because the last one had to close its doors due to lack of business. When I visited the new company’s website, the owner wrote in big bold letters, MENTION THIS WEBSITE AND RECEIVE A 15% DISCOUNT!
I read his customers comments and decided to hire him.

When we spoke on the phone, he offered a price and when I mentioned his website promise, he told me flat-out: “I gave you a very good price already”. This is not what you want to hear when you are trying to hire someone new. Trying not to be judgmental, I gave the guy a chance. He came, did a great job, but I felt that I had to push a little. His assistant who was doing the actual cleaning seemed somewhat bored, or maybe tired. When I asked him if he cleaned behind a chair, the answer was a mumbled “yes ma’am I cleaned around”. His boss entered the room and made him move the chair and actually clean the spot.

Another non-professional aspect was that the cleaning business owner arrived in shorts, and I could see his underwear all the time he was in my home cleaning. Not a nice view.

What I am trying to say here is that, once you advertise your business, you absolutely have to stick with your word. 15% would save me maybe $17.00 but would give him credibility, would make me feel that he means business and that he is willing to put his customer first. Modern times, Social Media, and the need for quick money has jumbled our view about how to conduct ourselves.

Be true to yourself, respect yourself, be presentable and above all be LOYAL to the hand that feeds you!

Saying Thank you

There are people out there who take everything for granted. In our hectic world things get lost in the shuffle. This is not ok under any circumstances.
Despite what people think, there is still etiquette in business of every kind, and it applies to all,
whether it is an assistant, a manager, a
business owner, or a colleague. People in every level of the workforce do their work, a lot of them go out of their way to help, take the extra step to make things easier.
The right thing to do is to respond immediately, and send a short
thank you note. There is no excuse for taking anyone’s efforts and work for granted. It shows poor manners, poor judgment and in the end lack of politeness. The oxymoron here is that the same people who do not reply or acknowledge what you do for them, complain when they need something and it is not done or they do not get a response.
Guess what? You can’t have it both ways!
I have spoken about organizing your work but I am writing now about the way to be a great leader, colleague, manager, employer, and friend.
Networking, doing business of any kind, being present in today’s communities, businesses and relationships, doesn’t allow you to be nonchalant, forgetful, or dismissive.
Thank you is a word that takes you very far, whether you send an email, call someone, text them or simply talk to them.
When I train people the first thing I mention is, that being “there”, assertive, honest and giving it your all will take you far. BUT there is another aspect to this. Gratitude is another big asset. Whether you are grateful for someone’s work or help, or when someone thanks you for what you’ve done, makes all the difference. It validates your efforts, and of course makes you want to work twice as hard knowing that your work is being appreciated.
When I say work I encompass every action; an interesting introduction, a first time meeting, an assignment well done, a completion of a flawless event, you name it.
We need to be aware of other people’s kindness, hard work and existence. When we dismiss anyone, we will “get what we pay for”. The people surrounding us, will not give it another thought, will just do their daily tasks and will not go out of their way any longer to make sure that you are served.
And when we talk about free lancers, people for hire,
independent contractors, professionals of every kind who work with clients, beware! If you are the client, you might get dropped, because although in today’s market people need their hard earned money, they’d rather work with less clients and be acknowledged and heard, than work with someone who doesn’t apply themselves, is dismissive, forgetful and disorganized.
Think about this and if you implement some good manners, and start listening to the people you hire for their expertise, you will end up being more successful, better in your field and have an easier life!

My Interview with Markos Papadatos / Digital Journal

1) How did Business and Risk come about?

The decision came once I witnessed many people and companies falling for the same mistakes and then wondering why they do not see the success they need. Added the Risk portion to show how easily one can fall for scams and fraudulent activity and of course how to prevent this from happening.

2) What does your job description involve as Owner?
I wear every possible hat from daily operations, to marketing, billing, bookkeeping and of course article writing and helping small businesses and the average consumer.

3) Can you briefly tell us about your background in risk management? (2 paragraphs max)
Believe it or not, I was involved in Risk Management even while being in the PR Team for the European Summit that took place in Corfu Greece in 1994. This evolved when I moved to the States and worked for two Tech Companies. I love solving puzzles in general, and Risk Management is something like that. Putting all the pieces together to find a solution in order to help alleviate problems for consumers and businesses.

4) how does it feel to be a risk manager in this digital age?
This is a great question. We all have to understand that fraudsters and scammers are always a few steps ahead of us. As technology evolves, we need to be vigilant, always learn and keep up with changes. Even huge Corporations are being hacked on a daily basis. Businesses and consumers alike, have to understand the basics and protect themselves and their brands.
Fraud and chargebacks are one facet that plagues corporations. Hackers are another facet, Social Media phishing scams and false marketing to attract more sales are important as well.
All these instances create risks that have to be taken care of.
I am constantly reading, learning and keeping up. Even my friends and family keep calling and asking me about phone calls or emails they receive. I have learned not to trust anything until I do my research.
5) Can you briefly tell us about your Greek background? (2 paragraphs max)
Born and raised in Greece, finished High School and my studies and started working in 1978.
Haven’t stopped since. I love being Greek, and keep all the rituals here in California daily.

6) What are your concluding thoughts about the Greek-American community?
As they say, every stone you turn you find a Greek. Our community is strong and even in a small place like Santa Barbara, we are quite a big bunch and we all see each other and participate at the annual Greek Festival. I love the strong bonds we have with each other no matter which state we live in.

7) What advice do you have for people who wish to go into risk management?
Learn, learn, learn. Always study, research and be on top of stuff to better serve your clients or companies you work for.

8) What would you like to tell our readers about Business and Risk?

Business and Risk is here for small and established businesses and can help you streamline your operations and avoid unnecessary risks.

We offer help with:
Online presence and risks

Comprehensive message throughout Social Media and your own Website

Translations to and from 3 languages to spread your professional message

Risk protection from fraud, claims, chargebacks and id theft

Online safety for consumers and business owners alike

Being on time

Financial success is very important. You show respect to yourself, to the person you are meeting with. Nowadays it is very common to call people and tell them this ugly “I’m running late”. If you are among those who tend to always run late, I’m here to tell you that this shows total disrespect to the person you are supposed to be meeting with, whether it is your friend, your colleague, a business meeting, your hairdresser, your boss or your assistant.
When you book any meeting, make sure that you can actually be there on time. An easy trick is to block your calendar an hour ahead. This way if someone else needs to see you that specific day, you can say that you are available until an hour before your next meeting.

I’ll give you an example:

11:00 am Business Meeting
12:00 pm actual meeting
2:00 pm doctor’s appointment
2:45 pm actual appointment
5:00 pm hairdresser
5:45 actual appointment

This way you will never overbook yourself, you will never schedule meetings on a day that you have too much to do and you will never run late.

Make it a habit to be 5 minutes early. This shows total respect and organizational skills on your part. Sure we would like to schedule 24 meetings in 24 hours, but it simply can’t happen.

If you run your own business and expect people to come to you at a specific time, NEVER make any other appointments. It shows lack of interest, lack of respect and bad business ethics. If you do that, do not expect other people to respect your time, or to work hard for or with you.

Make the effort. You will only win respect and loyalty!

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