Behavior and being a team player

OK, you just landed a great new job, a further step in your career path. What now?
There are plenty of facets and steps and moves you have to think about in order to become an integral part of an established team.

Here are the basic rules:

1. You never insist on knowing everything, just because you “did it this way” at your old job.

2. You do not piss people off because you are stubborn. This is not the way to get accepted by your colleagues.

3. You are not allowed to be rude under any circumstances. Being a “know-it-all” personality, or inflexible is never to your credit.

4. When someone offers help, you NEVER reprimand them for trying to offer help by saying “I have other things to do and cannot waste more time on this problem”. Also, you take an offer for help for what it is. A simple polite offer. You can say no thanks, or you can accept it. Simple as that. You don’t have to analyze every word. Not everybody has a hidden agenda.

5. Be flexible! This is an absolute must in today’s competitive market. You do not come to your new job trying to implement rules that you were used to. Every company has a different way of doing things, and a different vibe and culture.

6. Do not create chaos and accept others for what they offer. If someone has a different way of working on a given task, accept it and be gracious. Who knows? They might even be doing a better job than you. LEARN, and EVOLVE!

7. The moment you step in to your office, your personal life, ego, behaviors, preferences, routines, stay OUT OF THE OFFICE! See it for what it is. YOUR JOB. You are lucky to have one and you are not the company’s owner. So if the company’s policy is to sit on nail-beds, you sit on it and smile and learn and become a better professional and person.

8. Calling colleagues even if they are below you in rank “my employees”, is not the right thing to say. People have sensitivities and this is plain rude.

9. Micro-management is the absolute worst trait you can have. You show that you mistrust colleagues, you show that you are insecure, and you stall the work flow.

10. Insisting on policies which in turn create mistakes and wreak havoc is also not in your best interest. Follow what’s been enforced and remember that the company you work for existed before you were hired. You do not come in as a bull in a glass closet!

11. Last but not least, a few big No No’s
NEVER undermine others to further your position in a company!
NEVER take credit for something someone else worked their back off to accomplish.
NEVER feel threatened when someone does a great job. This only shows your own insecurity as a human being and not a professional.

This is the basics of Business ethics and behavior. If you have any of the above traits, try to better yourself, try to read and learn, evolve and become a gracious, secure, strong team player. The old bureaucratic, stubborn, cold boss type kind of employee no matter how high in rank, is dead! Move toward the new way of conducting business, conducting yourself and you will have a very successful career ahead.




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